Back to red. Presidents’ Day is synonymous with cherry pie after all.

This particular winter has forced me to get creative about indoor locations. Specifically, indoor locations that have parking and plowed paths. And preferably free ones since we’re not making any money on these ventures. Hip deep snow has thrown me out of my woods/abandoned building comfort zone, and while TJ and I have at least found a wall in our apartment on which to hang a backdrop, I still prefer the challenge of on-location shooting, and the inspiration that goes along with it.

One thing I wanted to take advantage of was the snow from an indoor perspective, since I knew it would reflect light though the windows, creating a soft, backlit glow. I just needed to find a room with a lot of glass on the walls.

I’m going to keep the exact location of this shoot a secret, but I have a tip when visiting institutions with an unused space you just want to “borrow” for an hour or so. Look like you belong there and ask the custodian.

And, speaking of red, I’m excited to announce my new position as photographer-in-residence at Le Photographie. It’s a new magazine, but judging from its first two issues, it’s only getting better and better and I am honored to be included among so much great talent. This month’s theme is red and reading it was a fantastic escape from the snow pile blocking the view from my window!

***** Kayt


  • Date: Thursday, February 5, 2015
  • Location: Wellesley, MA
  • Photography, styling: Kayt Silvers
  • Model, hair, makeup: Sarah Lamson