Drumlin Farm

We’ve been kind of terrible about posting anything lately. It’s the trap of trying to get published- the photos have to stay secret until you either get rejected, or the magazine you weren’t rejected from gets published. But, October was a flurry of activity and once we can wrap our heads around it, there will be plenty to show off. In the meanwhile though, as I watch the once vibrant, burnished leaves of October float away outside my window, it seems like a good opportunity to share with you some photos of those more colorful days.

Drumlin FarmDrumlin FarmDrumlin FarmDrumlin Farm

I took these for Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA. It was my favorite place growing up, I spent countless summers running around their fields, playing with sheep and eating choke-cherry, cornmeal pancakes. It’s still a very special location to me, and I was happy to have the chance to share how I view it though my lens with the wonderful people who work there.

Drumlin Farm Drumlin Farm

You might already know this- I am no landscape photographer. But one of my main artistic inspirations in general is seasonal change, and there is nothing like capturing October. Colorful, rich, still leafy, there is no other month like it, and you can’t fake it.

Drumlin FarmDrumlin Farm

The leaves weren’t spectacular this year, and I’m ashamed to admit that I totally missed out on photographing anything even resembling crimson. But the so-called “peak” leafy look has never been my favorite anyway. I much prefer umber.

Drumlin Farm

Either way though, when it’s over, well… it’s really over.

***** Kayt

Drumlin Farm