SweetheartsSeems like everyone’s jumping on the pastel conversation heart candy bandwagon this year for Valentine’s Day- even Google picked that over a more typical crimson red design for today’s homepage design. And for good reason- NECCO’s Sweethearts are an American candy icon. Since NECCO stands for New England Confectionery Company, and was headquartered on Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge from 1927-2003 (then moved to Revere), it seemed the natural choice for a Massachusetts-based photographer looking for a Valentine’s theme. Sweethearts SweetheartsSweetheartsShot in and under Harvard Square with effervescent model Danai Kadzere of Living, Learning, Eating, we couldn’t help but have a good time, despite the recent foot of snow and well-below-freezing temperatures.
Sweethearts Sweethearts Sweethearts Sweethearts Sweethearts

After all, who can resist a little love?Sweethearts