Rarely am I inspired to design a photoshoot around something as mundane as website layout, but this was one of those odd instances.

Our new site’s “contact” page lacked character. I’d been tinkering with the idea of ‘reaching out’ or ‘waving to passers by’ in many of my art pieces, but this seemed like a good excuse to continue working on the theme rather than just using something ready made.

There was also this dress. It had been sitting around as part of the Delight Worthyn collection I’d been pulling from since TJ and I broke from our stint of hibernation in March. Figuring out the right shoot for the dress had me stumped until Delight mentioned that it always reminded her of a Victorian bathing costume. It was getting on summer at the time, and an excuse to get my toes wet was something I could work with.

And there was Hayley. She’d contacted me somewhat out of the blue, at the very exact inspiring moment. Not only did she have perfect pre-Raphaelite red hair, she lived on the coast of Maine, giving us the timely excuse to head up to Ogunquit and capture its unique rocky shore in a shoot that could pull all those fun ideas together.

So no, it wasn’t just for a website, or to meet a model, or use a cool bottle, or shoot a dress… it was so much more.

 And to have the chance to watch a sunset on a perfect July night in Maine is something we won’t ever forget.