Thanks to Instagram, everyone shoots the same thing. At some point, a photo of a girl in a laundromat must have become very popular, because it’s such a ubiquitous portrait it’s hard to not find one in someone’s feed. As usual, I was oblivious to that until after my shoot. One thing I noticed though, barely anyone was using a laundromat as part of an actual story, just as a location.

For me, the laundromat was part of a story. In fact I was really only after one photo, but decided to photograph model Brynn washing a load of whites in hopes I would arrive at what I wanted more organically.

This concept is part of my larger aesthetic interest in banal situations. To photograph a girl in her underwear waiting for her laundry cycle to finish felt like just the right thing for me to add to my portfolio. It just needed one small twist, which I ultimately found in my grandfather’s collection of old Life magazines. One cover said “Off to the Moon,” an ironic juxtaposition if there ever was one.

I’m pretty happy with the rest of the shots too though, guess you never know.



  • Date: Friday September 23rd, 2016
  • Location: Newton, MA
  • Photography, hair, makeup, styling: Kayt Silvers
  • Model: Brynn B. @ Maggie Inc.