An essential part of Valentine’s Day is a all-too-often-met benchmark of disappointment that so many inevitably feel by evening. And no, I’m not specifically alluding to anything I’m feeling now; years of accumulated experiences and observation that have lead me to this conclusion. Some years I love Valentine’s day for its mid-winter happy brightness (see here), some years I’m resentful and opposed (when I was in 8th grade I distributed black, spade-shaped anti-Valentine’s cards with rude messages), this year I was ambivalent; a fantastic opportunity to capture both moods.


It was also a fantastic opportunity to make a short film. I’d been binging on Godard films from the 1960s and had started to get an itch to attempt to merge my fashion-oriented brain with my inner French new wave cinema director.


Meanwhile, TJ took pictures in case that inner director couldn’t pull it together. So without further ado, La Mort de l’Amour, starring Georgina Cannie and the hair and makeup skills of Holly Daigle.

Bynes_Georgina_Film_004 Bynes_Georgina_Film_005 Bynes_Georgina_Film_006 Bynes_Georgina_Film_007 Bynes_Georgina_Film_008 Bynes_Georgina_Film_010 Bynes_Georgina_Film_011 Bynes_Georgina_Film_012Bynes_Georgina_Film_016 Bynes_Georgina_Film_014 Bynes_Georgina_Film_015 Bynes_Georgina_Film_017 Bynes_Georgina_Film_013 Bynes_Georgina_Film_009

And an infinite amount of thank yous to my brother who helped me edit this into the little movie I’d hoped for. Enjoy!


  • Date: Sunday, January 31, 2016
  • Location: Downtown Worcester, MA and The Boulevard Diner
  • Photography: TJ Bynes
  • Cinematography/Director/Styling: Kayt Silvers
  • Hair/Makeup: Holly Daigle
  • Model: Georgina Cannie
  • Movie Edit: Danny Silvers