InfernoToday we finally make it to the 9th circle of hell, and what would Hell be without a Lucifer? In the Inferno, Lucifer is quite a physically ugly character, but we went in a different direction. Tell me Jen as Lucifer- in this amazing structured,red velvet jacket- doesn’t make you at least consider some vicious act of treachery?

Inferno We shot these photos just about an hour or so after completing the Dante shoot. There are likely photos of the three of us- Jen all dressed up in red velvet, Meg holding a flash over her head, and me lying on the sidewalk- all over the internet, since there is a general assumption that only important people would be doing photographs in a sketchy Downtown Crossing alley.

InfernoInfernoInfernoInfernoNot that we’re not important. They just… haven’t heard of us yet.

InfernoThat’s it for our Inferno series, but be sure to check out Part IV here, and stay tuned for some shiny new things coming soon.


  • Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015
  • Location: Downtown Crossing, Boston
  • Designer/styling/concept: Margaret Galvin
  • Photography: Kayt Silvers
  • Model/Hair/Makeup: Jennifer Marasca