What happens when a photographer with a migraine, a model with a hangover, and a bored 3D artist go for a hike? They find an abandoned barn, of course. And the model dresses in cheesecloth and the artist makes hair wreaths out of grasses and ferns, and the photographer orders everyone around.

GrasslandsGrasslandsJune had been a rather overwhelming month photography-wise, and this shoot, sandwiched between a test shoot turned all-day-editorial-extravaganza, and another epic art shoot, was designed to be simple and relatively spontaneous. Taylor and I had a meeting place and time picked out a week before, but beyond that, I just knew I wanted to be outside.

Grasslands Grasslands

I think I did Taylor’s makeup… I can’t even remember. My headache was so bad that day. And Taylor was energy-less. It was Tyler- my occasional assistant- who pulled it all together.


I’d gotten us horribly lost on our hike, and we somehow found ourselves in an almost-magical grassy field with a really intriguing empty barn. I wished there were more flowers, Tyler ran around collecting them from the four corners of the field. I wished I had remembered florist wire to make a wreath, Tyler had bungee cord which proved just as useful. I wished there were ferns where we were, Tyler ran back down the woodsy trail to find some. I was doing a lot of wishing, Tyler was doing a lot of running around, Taylor just wanted to dance.

Grasslands GrasslandsGrasslands Grasslands

Sometimes simple and unplanned is best. Otherwise you miss the ferns.



  • Date: 6/26/15
  • Location: Some field in Worcester or Millbury
  • Photography/makeup(?): Kayt Silvers
  • Model: Taylor Rampe
  • Production assistant: Tyler Haynes

I was just kidding by the way. Taylor didn’t want to dance. She wanted to take a nap. I MADE her dance 😉