Sometimes I meet a model as crazy as I am. I figure out that’s the case when we realize that we’ve scheduled to meet on a day that only people fringing on psychotic would go out and shoot in, and neither of us wants to cancel. I’m not sure which comes first, the weather or the immediate bond, but no matter. Good things happen.

Georgie GirlThe day I met Georgina it was snowing. Or raining. Snaining. There was a slick of ice. She had driven in from Lowell. I had spent the afternoon skating around Winchester center, eventually buying myself a membership at the Griffin Photography Museum so I had somewhere warm to hide while I waited.

Georgie GirlGeorgie Girl Georgie Girl

After hogging the Starbucks bathroom to pick out the right blouse and coat combination, we were ready to go. I had my eye on a particular grungy alley, and, before I knew it, Georgina and I had discovered a side of Winchester I never knew existed. A Winchester as dirty and grungy as SoHo, circa 1970.

Georgie Girl Georgie GirlGeorgie Girl Georgie Girl Georgie Girl Georgie Girl Georgie Girl

I like it.

Georgie Girl Georgie Girl



  • Date: Thursday, January 15, 2015
  • Location: Winchester Center, MA
  • Model, makeup, hair: Georgina
  • Photography, styling: Kayt Silvers