Sometime back in January, before the full scope of winter’s wrath had really hit me, I thought Spring was on its way. I was wrong. So wrong. But, in that happy moment of delusion, I designed a ridiculous fantasy photoshoot involving a beautiful dress, mud, baby goats, and lots of eating and tugging of fabric.

Edible Fashion

I actually never thought it would happen. I almost didn’t even try to make it happen. But when the perfect location occurred to me, I had to try.

Edible FashionEdible Fashion

Crystal Brook Farm in Sterling, Massachusetts is not only my source of choice for fresh chevre, it’s my destination of choice for catching the first rays of early March sun. Because it’s around that time that kidding season begins and there are always so many baby goats around that you can’t help but shrug off your winter blahs and feel almost like you too could be jumping over rocks and frolicking in the mud. So it seemed like a natural choice.

And then, one shockingly cold March day, it really did happen.

Edible FashionEdible FashionEdible FashionEdible FashionEdible FashionEdible Fashion

Many, many thanks to Ann at Crystal Brook Farm for making this possible. And many thanks to the baby goats for warming up model Shaylyn. I don’t think we’d have made it through the shoot without warm little tummies to cuddle.


  • Date: 3/23/14
  • Location: Crystal Brook Farm, Sterling, Massachusetts
  • Photo/Edit: Kayt Silvers
  • Model/HMUA: Shaylyn Riane
  • Assistant/Sweater Holder: Andrew C.
  • Goat Handler: Ann  S.
  • Dress: Kayt Silvers and Dory Codington