We had the chance to do some promo pics and headshots for Arjana Andris and Ivan Danylets back in March. What was going to be a studio shoot mixed with some cozy restaurant candids turned into an unexpectedly long afternoon at Worcester’s Union Station, a last minute decision when I realized it would be the perfect backdrop for a modern jazz duo. It also was too gorgeous a day to be inside.

SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan-Train SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan1-3 SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan1-6 SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan1-5 SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan1-4 SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan1-7SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan1-8SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan2-1SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan2-2SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan2-3SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan2-4SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan2-5SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan2-6SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan2-7SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan2-8SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan3-2SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan3-3

And if you’ve ever met these two, you know there had to be goofy shots

SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan3-6 SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan3-7 SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan3-8 SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan3-9 SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan3-10 SilversandBynes-ArjanaIvan-Flash



  • Date: Sunday March 13th, 2016
  • Location: Union Station, Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Photography: Kayt Silvers and TJ Bynes
  • Styling: Kayt Silvers and Arjana Andris