In honor of New Year’s resolutions and making goals moving forward, I thought it  a good opportunity to look back at where we’ve come from. Deep in my Photoshop files, I found one of my all time favorite shoots. Bowker House Photography

Long before TJ knew about reflectors or the difference between a full frame and crop sensor camera, before I knew about layer masks, spot healing brush, or cared about what my hair did, there was Worcester, and a red polka dot dress. TJB-RedDress-web

TJ and I spent a sunny September afternoon- another sign of our armatureness- walking to our favorite sites in downtown Worcester, me in classic Mary Janes with a vintage suit case as my only prop, him with a Canon Rebel T3 and 50mm f/1.4 lens. Bowker House Photography

They may not be the most sophisticated of images, but they were certainly inspirational. That one day (spurred by the need for a completely non-photography related business card) was the beginning of a love for photography beyond pretty pictures of food and fun random moments. The shots TJ captured are still some of my absolute favorite, iconic, Bowker House photos. Bowker House Photography Bowker House Photography Bowker House Photography Bowker House Photography

Downtown Bowker House Photography

Though, to be honest, I still don’t really care what my hair does…

Happy New Years!



  • Date: September, 2012
  • Location: Downtown Worcester, MA
  • Photography: TJ Bynes
  • Model/Photo Edit: Kayt SilversBowker House Photography