An Imperfect SocialismI was recently asked where my photo ideas come from. I don’t always have a good answer- sometimes I dream them, sometimes I based them on things I thought I saw for real but didn’t, sometimes from books, sometimes from paintings… and sometimes all of the above, as was the case here.

One of my all time favorite books is Nabokov’s Despair, and I have long wanted to express how the book felt to me. And also, I’m on a Magritte kick. So, without further ado, here’s what happened.

An Imperfect Socialism.

Reflection's Inevitable Meeting

I am disguised so perfectly so as to be invisible to my own self.

Proof That I Was I

Indeed, to be quite frank, I found it somehow preferable to hold him at a certain distance from me as though any proximity would have broken the spell of our likeness.

Unrecognized Likeness

All is dark, all is dreadful, and I do not see any special reason for lingering in the dark, vainly invented world.

Maybe it is all a mock existence, an evil dream...

Maybe it is all a mock existence, an evil dream…

I want a clean getaway. That’s all. Thank you. I’m coming out now.



  • Date: 12/24/2013
  • Location: The Hartwell Tavern, Lexington, MA
  • Photo/Edit: Kayt Silvers
  • Model: Matther Phillion
  • Quotes: Vladimir Nabokov, Despair