Mid July for me is synonymous with the St. Mary of Carmen Festival in Newton. Though it only exists as an actual place for 5 days, it’s ranked as my favorite shooting location, even before I worked with models. There’s just something so magical about the transformation of your typical city field into such a brightly-colored, fried dough-scented spectacle, especially when you live close enough to walk to it.
Kayt-Silvers-JuliaFesta1-2 Kayt-Silvers-JuliaFesta1-3

This shoot is actually from last year. We arrived before the crowds and for a good long time, had the grounds to ourselves. Well, almost to ourselves. We made some new friends…


Tonight is the last night of the Festa, and a harsh reminder that July moves way too fast. I did manage to get back for a new shoot this year, something completely different. And I’m already looking forward to next July.