So, if you hadn’t already noticed, we’ve moved. Like Summer, Bowker House Photography is no longer. In some ways it makes me sad. “Bowker House” was our metaphorical fun place. Where we would go to play. Silvers and Bynes is so much more… professional.


I guess it’s like putting boots on for the first time after a few months in flip flops. A little shocking, a sure sign of loss, but you feel oh so badass wearing them.


You just need to break them in a bit…

But, before there were boots, there was this sultry July afternoon with Nicole, Meg and Molly. Meg- who you might remember from the Inferno project- had wanted to make a dress specifically designed for water. We waited a long time for things to warm up to make that proposition much less painful. It still took a little warming up to want to get wet, mostly because it required me trudging through hip deep muck. In the Charles River. It was, quite literally, dirty water, and I didn’t particularly love it. Luckily it turned out that Molly is not only good at braiding, she’s strong enough to yank me out of the equivalent of quicksand.



Summer may be over, but we have plenty of pictures to remember it by.



And I’m actually kind of excited for boots.



  • Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2015
  • Location: Norumbega Park,-Newton, MA
  • Photography: Kayt Silvers
  • Model: Nicole Andrianna @ Maggie Inc.
  • Dress/styling: Margaret Galvin 
  • Hair/Makeup: Molly Leahy