Worcester, MA is known for a lot of things- the inventions of candlepin bowling, the Valentine’s Day card, the yellow smiley face, the envelope folding machine and the monkey wrench, the site of the most deadly tornado to ever hit Massachusetts, investing a lot of money into opening a huge canal shortly before canal-based transport was replaced by the railways, the “Turtle Boy” statue, having an airport people don’t use, and not having direct access from the Massachusetts Turnpike. But, most recently, Worcester has gained acclaim from Hollywood location scouts for looking like New York in the 1970’s. We’d argue that it works just as well for 60’s mod-styling.

mod mod mod mod worldmod mod mod mod world

But Worcester is also our home and default location for photoshoots because, what it may lack in class, it makes up for in visual character. After all, retro is modern, and that’s pretty timeless.

mod mod mod mod world

***** Kayt + TJ


  • Date: 4/5/14
  • Location: Downtown Worcester (Main Street and City Hall)
  • Photo/Edit: TJ Bynes
  • Model/Styling: Kayt Silvers