I don’t think it’s really rained since April 20th. That day, Patriots’ Day here in Massachusetts, I stood at the Old North Bridge in Concord to watch the reenactment of the 240th anniversary of the “shot heard round the world,” the start of the American Revolution. It’s a very exciting thing to watch, with lots of gun powder, fife music, brilliant redcoats and wool breeches, but it was cold and wet and I was tired of shivering. My mind started to wander toward the swamp next to the famous bridge. I had an idea, but I needed to do it before the leaves emerged, which I suspected would be within the week (it actually took another two, keeping with the endless winter theme).


Two days later, the crowds were gone and I returned to the bridge which no longer smelled of sulfur. I love the bridge itself, but it was the swamp I was after. After dressing Kendra- my very trusting volunteer model for the day- in a pair of wellies and my favorite Delight Worthyn dress, I handed her a watering can and told her to walk right in. Remarkably, she understood what I was going for AND was as excited as I was about it.

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Since I like to give myself lots of challenges all at once, in addition to attempting to shoot an $800 silk dress in a swamp and not ruin it (or my camera), I decided to use the Lensbaby with a Sweet 35 optic, to add to the antique feel I was going for. I love how unpredictable it is, and the unique vintage quality it lends to the final photographs.

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Kendra and I have planned a Part II and I can’t wait! Stay tuned

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