A little over a month after starting this project, Meg and I were scheduled to finish. TJ and I drove into Boston at 6am on a gorgeous, warm spring day for the Virgil shoot. I was excited about getting to photograph our model- my best friend’s father, Andy- who seemed the perfect person to play Dante’s guide and teacher on his tour through the nine circles of hell.

InfernoMaybe that doesn’t sound so much like a compliment, but I had been starting to feel like we needed a character involved who at least seemed to know what he was doing. Someone other than me and Meg. Then Andy forgot his shoes. We might have been in trouble had we actually found ourselves needing to escape from demons, but luckily this shoot never involved leaving the smooth marble steps of Harvard Medical School. And I knew Andy could pull out the intellectual expressions and looks of disgust we needed. It’s hard not to feel important in a flocked robe.

InfernoInfernoInfernoInfernoWe wrapped by 9am, with just enough time to grab our stuff back at Mass Art and get over to our next shoot in Chestnut Hill. Stay tuned tomorrow for Nessus. And check out Part II here.



  • Date: Saturday, May 9, 2015
  • Location: Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • Designer/styling/concept: Margaret Galvin
  • Photography: Kayt Silvers and TJ Bynes
  • Model: Andris Vizulis