Jenny and I went to the same high school and college, but seven years apart. That would make me feel old, if she wasn’t so much more mature than I am. Since graduating, she’s been in and out of the country, travelling, researching, and teaching herself to make films.
Have Camera Will TravelHave Camera Will TravelLast year, she won a trip around the world through a Couchsurfing video contest with nothing more than some iPhone footage and basic editing software, proving talent should always triumph over budget. I actually shed a tear, it’s worth watching (you can check out her entry here). Now, she’s parlaying her ticket and new camera into what is shaping up to be an amazing journey with even more promising film footage.  Have Camera Will TravelI had a chance to meet Jenny for coffee in Newton, MA a few weeks ago,  and sneak in a quick promo photoshoot before she left for Italy, her first stop in a six month process of researching the lives of deaf women in marginalized communities, interviewing people who have never been interviewed, and creating what will very likely be an award-winning documentary (no pressure Jenny). Next up: Africa and China.Have Camera Will TravelHave Camera Will TravelHave Camera Will TravelHave Camera Will TravelHave Camera Will Travel Have Camera Will Travel You can check out the story of Jenny’s trip and the incredible stories of the women she meets over at her blog:

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  • Date: 2/12/14
  • Location: Newton Center T stop and the Deluxe Station Diner
  • Photo/Edit: Kayt Silvers
  • Model/Styling: Jenny L.