It was a humid, drizzly day when we returned to Belchertown for our third shoot. The floor, which was covered in bits of ceiling and asbestos, stuck to our shoes like wet plaster. It was the end of a very old pair of pointe shoes I’d pulled out as a finishing touch for Sarah’s costume.


“Zazu” was my mom’s name for the vintage aerialist costume I’d commissioned her to make. Based on photos from the 1920s, it consisted of white satin bloomers and a puff sleeve top to go with a corset I’d had lying around my room for over a year. We’d made neck pieces for each costume up until this point, but I was especially fond of how the the Zazu suit came together.

KaytSilvers-Zazu1 KaytSilvers-Zazu2

This was also the first shoot where we’d met the model in Worcester and traveled as one big posse. Holly, our good friend and wonderful hair and makeup artist, had done an amazing job turning Sarah into Zazu the aerialist, and she was also a truly excellent balloon thrower.

KaytSilvers-Zazu9 KaytSilvers-Zazu4 KaytSilvers-Zazu5 KaytSilvers-Zazu10 KaytSilvers-Zazu7 KaytSilvers-Zazu6KaytSilvers-Zazu11 KaytSilvers-Zazu12

And since I’d totally effed up the black, white, and red color scheme I’d set up in the first two shoots, TJ and I knew we were stuck with at least one more shoot, if not three. Why I hadn’t just stuck with red and black, I’ll never know, but I think it’s related to that whole masochistic artist thing.

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  • Date: Sunday, September 13th, 2015
  • Location: Belchertown State School, Belchertown, MA
  • Photography: Kayt Silvers and TJ Bynes
  • Styling: Kayt Silvers
  • Wardrobe: Dory Codington
  • Makeup, hair: Holly Daigle
  • Model: Sarah Lynn Lamson