Yes it is still cold out there. And snowy with a side of snow. There’s nowhere to park or walk, and my back is tired of shoveling. But it is much brighter. I’m still recovering from today’s episode of snow blindness, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Back in early November, when I shot these, that wasn’t the case. It was cold, it was dark, and the days were still getting shorter. On the plus side, when there is light that time of year, it is strikingly beautiful. In photography, golden hour is that fleeting period right before sundown (or right after sunset) when daylight appears redder and softer than it does at midday. It’s kind like the white truffle equivalent of  photographic ingredients. It’s not the whole dish, but it certainly gives you a leg up. In November, it starts at 2:30pm.

Golden Hour

I shot these for my friend Manuela who is working on building her acupuncture website. She offers all sorts of tips and tricks for staying healthy, happy and in balance as the seasons change in her amazing newsletter, and we wanted to make sure we captured that in camera.

In Chinese Medicine, moving into Winter is all about solitude, calm, rest, and an inward focus so you’re renewed and ready for the growing energy of Spring.

Something I, for one, don’t think can come soon enough.

***** Kayt

Manuela’s website isn’t live yet, but you can head over to her Facebook page for healthy and yummy food porn, recipes, and sage wisdom. And if you’re in the Newton/Watertown, MA area and need an acupuncturist (maybe because your back also hurts from shoveling so much), I highly recommend giving her a call.