It was a whole year ago yesterday that I looked out the window with total dismay. There was no snow on the ground. There was no snow anywhere. It had all melted the week before.

Fata Morgana

In retrospect, that doesn’t seem like anything to feel all that bad about. Today I can only look out half my window- the other half is blocked by a giant snow pile which isn’t going to shrink anytime soon- we have many more inches coming, and no sign of a thaw anywhere.

Fata Morgana

But last year I had a shoot planned. A snow jester-themed shoot. And, while you can’t have a snow jester without snow, I had no choice. The model, Arjana Andris, was in town for one week only, and the shoot was designed for her alone.

Fata Morgana

So it was. Snowless. I drove to pick up Molly Leahy- an amazing hair and makeup artist I was very excited to work with- at the Newton Center T stop. By then it was snowing. It wasn’t predicted, but it snowed and snowed… Molly crimped and curled Arjana’s hair and it snowed more. It snowed the whole afternoon of hair, makeup, and gluing glittered leaves directly to Arjana while she hung out in her kitchen in a body stocking. And it snowed for our shoot. I wouldn’t believe it really happened, but I at least have photos to prove it.

Molly Leahy, by the way, has been nominated for a RAW Boston Hair Artist of the Year award. You can head over here to vote for her.

***** Kayt