In what seems to have become a great Silvers & Bynes tradition, we put together a Valentine’s-themed shoot (see our favorite previous example here). This time, I wasn’t so interested in my mood or anyone else’s, I just wanted to make really cool photos with unusual lighting, a funky set, and 80s-inspired, but decidedly unlikely-to-ever-be-seen-in-real-life wardrobe.

It was also somewhat of an act of spontaneity, since I’d been out with the flu for weeks and had an urgent need to create something before I’d lost an entire month of 2018. It started with hunting down clear balloons, then gluing together some crazy headpieces out of various random crafty things that one wouldn’t usually wear on their head, then ripping up an entire roll of seamless into brilliant, over-sized red pencil shaving looking things. Add to that a mix of red gelled-strobe and my new Meyer Optik Trioplan 50 (in studio as promised) shot at slow shudder speeds, not to mention a fantastic model, a creative makeup artist, and a cheap wig and we got what may be our most memorable Valentine’s shoot to date.

In case you’re curious about the title, “dime store novels” were the original Pulp, though now that term is most often associated with B-movies from the late 1970s and 80s and Quentin Tarantino. I toyed with calling this B-Mine, but given that either title was not something most people would “get,” I let TJ’s vote win out. I did get to photograph my silly hats after all.

***** Kayt


  • Date: Sunday January 28th, 2018
  • Location: Visions By Baker Studio: Worcester, MA
  • Photography: Kayt Silvers and TJ Bynes
  • Makeup and hair: Iris Thomason
  • Model: Hallie B. @ Maggie Inc.
  •  Wardrobe and set styling: Kayt Silvers