Massachusetts is well-known for its asylums. Hollywood is certainly obsessed with them- Session 9, Shudder Island, American Horror Story: Asylum… there are probably more. I’m equally obsessed, but maybe for different reasons. The whole concept of abandoned, formerly state of the art institutions fascinates me, and the untold stories that remain confined in their walls appear endless.AsylumLittle by little, these bizarre- and often supposedly haunted- buildings have been demolished, but a few remain ripe for spelunking. It’s kind of like visiting a museum, if the museum you happen to be visiting requires you to scale a fence, climb through a window, snap a few pics of lost medical records for potential use as blackmail, and keep watch for loose floor boards. In other words, the best kind.Asylum Asylum AsylumAsylum AsylumAsylum Asylum



  • Date: 1/24/14
  • Location: An abandoned mental hospital, central Massachusetts
  • Photo/Edit: Kayt Silvers
  • Model/Styling/HMUA: Taylor Rampe
  • Photo Assistant/Tour Guide: Tyler H.