For some reason, on the last weekend of April, it was still cold. We’re New Englanders, so cold springs are nothing new. But usually there’s some hint of good weather to be found. This year, not so much.

April Showers

It all made this shoot with Sarah at Tower Hill Botanic Garden a little more complicated than we’d anticipated. It was most definitely spring, there was no snow or ice, the thought of wool or fur coats was nauseating, and all we wanted to do was run around barefoot in green grass chasing flowers.

April Showers

So, despite the fact that it was too cold to be barefoot, the flowers seemed highly reluctant to appear and the color green was still scarce, we figured out a way to fake it, and make the best of what we did have, mostly a lot of neutrals.

April ShowersApril Showers

The daffodil field was in full bloom, so we did have to take advantage of that.

April Showers

But then, more neutrals.

April Showers April Showers April Showers April Showers

On the not so literal bright side, we wrapped JUST as it started to really rain- we’d pretty much avoided anything but a few occasional drops until just before we got back to the visitor’s center. Actually, we really couldn’t be happier with the photos. You never know, I guess.

April Showers

***** Kayt


  • Date: April 27, 2014
  • Location: Tower Hill Botanical Garden, Boylston, MA
  • Photo/Edit: TJ Bynes and Kayt Silvers
  • Model/Styling/Hair/Makeup: Sarah Lamson