It’s been a long winter. A very long winter. An unrelenting, frigid, icy, snowy, back-breaking winter. And just when there was a glimmer or warmth, a taste of what 50 degrees and sunny really feels like, it came back, harsh and windy and damp. A mean reminder that, here in New England, Spring is more of a fantasy than an actual season.Reprieve I had a chance to shoot with Sondra at the end of February, before any of those teasingly warm early Spring days had a chance to remind me I was sick of snow. I needed  snow for this shoot. I needed mist, fog, drear. And I got it. If this was going to be my last winter-centric shoot of the year, it had to look wintery. A Winter's Fairy Tale A Winter's Fairy TaleWith a ton of help and hard work from makeup artist and hair stylist Christina Ochoa who knew exactly what I meant by “gothic fairy tale,” we had an amazing, albeit wet, shoot, with water seeping up from the snow covered ground and misting from the sky, we just barely finished before the real rain started.A Winter's Fairy TaleA Winter's Fairy TaleIt’s funny. Now that I need it to be Spring, the weather gods seem less compliant. FlightNow, time for a change of seasons.