Old FurnaceI don’t usually take photos of landscapes without people, or at least animals, in them. I don’t know that it will ever be my thing, of course, who knows…  But today I found myself at Old Furnace State Park in Killingly, CT with no model to photograph, and feeling a bit too unshowered for any sort of self portrait. I might have been disappointed, annoyed, and even angry about the 40 minute drive I faced homeward with nothing to show for my journey except muddy hiking boots, if I hadn’t remembered the new toy in my camera bag.Old FurnaceI’ve been wanting a Lensbaby for over a year, but I couldn’t commit to such a specialty lens. Until now. Today was my first day playing with it, and I can’t get enough. The selective focus. The blur. The tilt, swivel and total manual control necessary to make it all work. It gave me a whole new perspective, in more ways than one. Old FurnaceAs an added bonus, I realized that Old Furnace is loaded with mountain laurel. I expect I’ll be going back.