June 19th was a busy day. I’d scheduled two photoshoots to do on my own, and the dress I planned to use for the first one was sitting in my closet in Worcester, nowhere near where I was when I realized that I needed it.

A Good Year for the RosesA Good Year for the Roses

That left two options- drive home and back before 5am or wing it with what I had in my trunk. I went with the latter.

A Good Year for the Roses

Luckily I drive around with a well stocked trunk and know how to hack a nifty dress. I met Dana around quarter to 6, you know, for the best sunlight. Except it turned out cloudy. We decided to proceed, since nothing was working out as planned anyway. In any case, we had a ton of fun playing with tulle, my recently-glued clip-on rose collection, and all the real flowers, of course.

A Good Year for the RosesA Good Year for the Roses

Because, cloudy or not, it was just about the first day of Summer, and there’s something about that you simply can’t  hack.

*****KaytA Good Year for the Roses


  • Date: June 19, 2014 (morning)
  • Location: Newton Corner
  • Photography/Styling: Kayt Silvers
  • Model, Makeup: Dana Grzesik