A fool’s errand- behind the scenes sneak peak

A Fools Errand

What happens when you mix taxidermy, antique chairs, hay, wine, pumpkins, garlands, a huge pile of medieval-inspired hobo garb, and some goats?

A Fools Errand

acquainting myself with one of the models

Actually, we’re not ready to show you yet, but the behind the scenes photos from said scenario are epic in their own right and worthy of display.

A Fools Errand

It was all a weird idea I had around the time of the Mad Tea Party shoot. What if we could do more? More props. More people. More animals. More crazy. More muchness.

A Fools Errand

Which brought us back to Little Brook Farm which you may remember from the Persephone shoot last March. They’re super amazing to us there and seem to be okay with all the muchness.

A Fools Errand

A rare photo of TJ. Behind him is our prop guy, model and photographer friend Frank.

We have a huge team to thank, and so much to show from this shoot, but for now, a HUGE shout out Matthew Phillion, one of our many excellent models for the day.  I’m pretty sure he was sick on the day of the shoot, but nevertheless managed to capture many of these behind the scenes shots on my camera while TJ and I were distracted with chairs, wardrobe and a hungry pack of goats. Matt is also an amazing writer, and just got his most recent book back from the publisher. It has nothing to do with this particular shoot, but if you like super heroes and adventures, I highly recommend checking out The Indestructibles and its sequel here and here.

And, if you want to know the answer to the question posed above, be on the lookout for the sequel to this post. A feast of Fools. Coming soon.




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